Saturday, 26 September 2015

Thank you for the love you bring me - by Auntie Libby

I was walking an emotional tightrope on Tuesday, my last day at the Happy House.
Sad to be leaving, I was determined to keep busy, keep smiling and to soak up every last second.
Mama and I had decided on mango as my treat for everyone at Kidz Club at the end of the day, and I was looking forward to the display of belly dancing by our girls she had asked Jane to organise  for as a surprise for Auntie Dawn Heather who brought them an instructional dvd and coin belts on her last visit.
I had no idea that Mama, Papa and the kids had much, much,  more in the way of surprises store.
No sooner had we gathered than Jane announced that this was a party - and I was the guest of honour!
Party organisers Jane and Hassan had a whole programme of activities planned, starting with a dancing display, a tasty mango treat, followed our wonderful belly dancers, then a cake arrived, huge and delicious,  baked by Auntie Phyllis. How she managed to make it and decorate it without me getting so much a sniff of it, I don't know!
Auntie Dawn presented baby  Ludwin with a gift for her first birthday and I did the honours for birthday girl Khadija Unda.
Mama then pulled another gift out of the bag.  A trophy, specially for ME.
Hand-carved, in top secret, by our joiner Charo it carries a heart, the Happy House logo and the wonderful words "We love you Antie Libz".
How blessed am I to be so loved by such a special family, by so many little people.
It is love I carry in my heart every minute of every day.
Mama said some lovely words about the way I work to raise money and friends for Happy House in the UK and how the appeal I set up for the secondary school build ( )is doing so well that our secondary school build is now back on.
I do work hard, but it's never a chore.  I am lucky to have it to do.
How could I respond? I could hardly speak, accept to say how much I loved them and would miss them.
Star awards for party planners Jane and Hassan
The tidal wave of love just kept rolling in,  submerging me in  evermore warmth. All the family joined together to sing our traditional farewell song ( and YES I promise "I won't forget this home", how could I?),  a small group followed with "I will always love you" and then our teachers had their own "Bye, Bye" song.
All through,my tears were flowing. 
I am back in Blackpool now, my trophy - my personal monument of love - has pride of place in my home, and I am here trying to capture in words the essence of the best party I have ever had.
I am missing Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy, Auntie Velma, Uncle Ronnie and all our kids and everyone in the family.
I will never be able to thank you enough for all you bring to me.
Mama and I usually share secrets, not this one.
She told me: "We wanted you to go home feeling loved Libz. Because you are."
There can be nothing better.