Monday, 7 September 2015

Auntie Libby spices things up

The kitchen was sizzling on Saturday when  I was lucky enough to lead the cookery class, writes Auntie Libby
.Thai green curry was the dish I'd chosen to show my group of kids, plus teachers Madam Rose and Mr Mdachi
Our children love spicy food so it seemed a good choice and vegetables are cheap, plentiful and, as I explained to the kids, very good for you.
I also told them a little about the part of the world the dish originated from and where it is on the map.
OuMany of the ingredients we were cooking with, including the aubergines,sweet peppers and chillis ,came straight from the garden and the coconut milk was from coconuts grown on the trees on our school plot.
It's great to know if you run out of something the kids can pop down to the garden to pick a bit more!
Mariam and Madam Rose showed me the traditional way of  turning coconuts into fresh, creamy milk by grating, sieving and squeezing the the coconut flesh.
Meanwhile, other kids were washing, peeling and chopping vegetables
- ginger, carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, aubergines and courgettes, Improvisation is key, as not all ingredients were available, but we managed with enough spices to get an authentic flavour.
Mercy took charge of the coconut rice accompaniment, while Rukia kept an eye on the cooking curry while the others cleaned up the kitchen ready for service.
Our rich and creamy curry turned out a treat, and, I am pleased to say, went down a treat!

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