Monday, 21 September 2015

Papa's Saturday kitchen

 Super chef Papa Dave took charge in the kitchen on Saturday.
Papa and his team of enthusiastic kids were tasked with cooking luch for our family of 130 children - that all our own kids living at Happy House plus our scholarship students who come in to join in the Saturday activities,
Chicken curry was Papa's choice. Everyone loves their kuku (chicken), but curry is not something they would normally have.
Mama had roasted the chickens on Friday, something totally new to Auntie Phyllis and Auntie Esther. They would traditionally boil chicken, but were delighted with the look and flavour of  roast meant.
Once cooked the chicken were kept cold until needed, when the chicken was taken off the bone ready to be added to the curry - again a different for our cooks who would add it on the bone.
The kids prepped up a mountain of vegetables, Auntie Esther and Mercy got the onions and garlic started in  a surfuria in the outside oven, while Papa and his team got the flavourings ready to add.
Papa explained everything as he went a long in his step-by-step guide to make a simple Indian curry.
By lunchtime, the curry and rice was ready for our hungry kids and the hot and tasty treat went down a treat!

Building a Bright Future

We will keep working on our secondary school
build for as long as we can afford to, and in the hope that more money will flow into our Building a Bright Future Appeal to get us to the finish without any more delays. With a January deadline for opening, and kids who need our school depending on us, we must do it. Thank you to everyone who has donated, who is fundraising or helping in an other way. You are just amazing.

If you would like to make a donation and help to give young people an education to put them on the road to a bright future please go to: