Saturday, 12 September 2015

Boy power rules on the soccer pitch!

Our Happy House School boys triumphed in a football match against the girls yesterday.
It was a hastily rearranged match, after a local school invited for two single sex matches for girls and boys had to pull out at the last minute.
But both our girls and boys who were all geared up for their games, still had chance to get on the field, playing against each other.
It was also the first outing for our  Happy House strip, won and donated by Donna McNamara in a Persil-sponsored contest to win a strip.
Proud to be wearing the Happy House colours, both teams gave their all to the game.
They were cheered on from the stand by their school mates, plus Mama and Papa who supported them from the sidelines where they were joined by some of the smaller kids .
There was great jubilation from the boys in the crowd when their team scored.

On this occasion, in a hard fought match, the boys won the day 1-0.

Building a Bright Future

Builders are forging ahead with work on the secondary school with the dividing walls going in.
We will keep working on the build for as long as we can afford to, and in the hope that more money will flow into our Building a Bright Future Appeal to get us to the finish without any more delays. With a January deadline for opening, and kids who need our school depending on us, we must do it. Thank you to everyone who has donated, who is fundraising or helping in an other way. You are just amazing.
If you would like to make a donation and help to give young people an education to put them on the road to a bright future please go to: