Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to school!

 Our Happy House school, which I saw for the first time last week, sparked back to life on Monday when excited children arrived for the start of the new term, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
And this, the final term of the Kenya academic year, is so important for our all our pupils, but especially for our Class 8 who will be the very first Happy House candidates to sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.
They couldn't have a better place to learn. A constant breeze blows through the site energising pupils and staff alike.
On the first day of term, everywhere is buzzing as we arrive for the 8am assembly. 
Staff and pupils, our own Happy House and Scholarship kids and day pupils,  are gathered on the playground in front of the primary school, where the Kenya and UK flags fly high.
The children look beautifully turned out in our signature red and black uniform which is both practical and smart. Faces gleam in the sun - and so do their highly polished shoes!
Mama Sue welcomes everyone back and urges them to always to the best that they can, 
She tells them how very hard we are working to raise the money to finish the secondary school ready for January, when Class Eight will become its first students.
We must finish it to ensure they get the best education and a real chance to achieve their ambitions and make their own impact on the world.
Papa, using football analogies, also gives them encouragement to reach their goals. And I too am happy to be able to add my own praise for their lovely school and to wish them well as they strive to get our school the best results.
After more words from head teacher Madam Milka and manager Madam Rose, the assembly ends with a prayer and everyone files off to start their day in the class.
It's just wonderful to be able to see how school functions on this splendid new site, just five minutes or so from Happy House - depending on the length of your legs!
I go back at break time and I am welcomed by everyone, from the smallest child to the eldest. They play happily together in groups, some quietly, others playing noisy, happy,games of tag.
When the bell goes, the kids evaporate in an instant, nit wanting to miss a second of the class ahead.
Meanwhile at the Happy House it is so quiet and how Mama feels it. Working to the background music of her Happy House kids doing what they do is just so much more enjoyable - she can't wait to hear the sound of them coming down the lane at the end of their school day.  
Please help us to secure a secondary education for our Happy House kids now and for many years to come by fundraising for or donating to our Building A Bright Future Appeal: Cheques, payable to Happy House, can be sent to Children of Watamu, 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS. Thank you.