Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Field of dreams brings harvest of hope

 The only thing growing on this land a year ago was maize.
It was our field of dreams. The place where our secondary school would rise.
Little did we know, then, that it would become home to our kindergarten and primary school within the space of a few months.
The schools now dominate the landscape like a small village,  the makuti roofs spectacular against the sky.
The maize harvest is long gone. Instead, the site is growing the minds of children. Empowering them with the finest education.
Changes in the requirements of the regional government, meant we had to relocate our kindergarten and primary schools from Happy House.  Luckily, we already had the land.
With courage and tenacity, Mama Sue forged ahead to build the lower schools holding the belief that the plan we work to has never been our own.
It is guided by a much greater force and because what we are doing is right, the wherewithal to do it, will come.
That is the hope we hold on to now, as we race against time to raise the money for our secondary school.
We have to do it. 
The secondary school holds the key to unlock the gates of opportunity for so many young people now and in the future.
These are young people who have come from situations of hopelessness, where education was just a distant dream. Without our intervention, they would not be in school today.
They are eager, hopeful, bright and confident. Their thirst for learning is mind blowing.
In the future, they want to contribute to the world around them by becoming doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and farmers.
The education that we will give them, that you are investing in with your support and donations , will help them to change this country, where still so many live in poverty, for the better.
We have just 16 weeks in which to raise the money and complete our school. That’s finished, furnished, resourced and staffed.
It’s a tall order, but we WILL do it.
Thank you for your generosity, and for making a difference to the lives of children.
To donate to our secondary school building appeal please go to: http://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/childrenofwatamu/brightfuture

The future of so many children is in our hands.
Esther joined our family after being found in bushes, where she had been abandoned when she was just a few days old.
From being a weak and poorly baby, she is now a lively, happy, and very independent three year old.
Our Happy House magic has given her a childhood free from fear and suffering.
Together, we are changing lives.

Thank you

Many thanks to Pauline Royle who gave up her time to have a sort out and sell off some of her unwanted items at a car boot sale at the weekend.
She raised £75.80 for our Building a Bright Future Appeal