Saturday, 19 September 2015

£20 will buy a desk

 Every desk and every chair for  the secondary school we are building will be made at the Happy House by our joiner Charo.
He has just completed a sample desk for Mama Sue to see, and the ultimate craftsman, Charo has made sure it is built to last.
Made from cedar and cypress, each desk will have a lift up lid with room for students to store their books, pencils etc.
Our social worker Uncle Billy was the first to try the desk for size, transporting him right back to his own school days!
Charo will start making the desks as and when funds allow. The will also make all the  chairs, cupboards, benches, shelves with funds coming in to our Building a Bright Future Appeal and materials will cost £20 each.
We will need a total of  120 desks and 120 chairs to ensure that each student will have their own.
A chair will  cost £15.
We know that some of you like to know your money is buying a specific item, so if you would like  to buy a desk £20, a chair £15 or a desk and chair £35, please go to to: to donate.