Sunday, 20 September 2015

Back to school by Hassan

It was on a Monday when we were preparing ourselves to go to school for the start of term three.
I was happy to be going to school and learning new things .
Everyone was clean. The teachers were clean too and happy to see us. 
The head teacher was pleased to see people clean and happy.
Auntie Libby was suprised to see a big school like our school,
Mama Sue told Auntie Libby that the pupils are hard working in their classes.
At 3:10 we are having games,debate spelling, guidance and counselling and all the pupils loved the  activities.
Our school head teacher told us that we should be bright in classes, we all love our head teacher

Building a Bright Future

As part of our  Building a Bright Future Appeal to finish. furnish, resource and staff our secondary school by January,  need to meet the cost of desks and chairs for our students. 
They will be hand built at Happy house by our joiner Charo with materials for each desk costing £20 and fpr a chair £15.
If you would liek to help by donating the cost of a desk or chair please go to: