Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sifa on liking science and Dennis looks to a Bright Future

Sifa, this week's young blogger, is working hard to achieve his ambition.
In our class we have different subjects and different teachers teach us. 
Names of the subjects which we have are Mathis, Science, English, Kiswahili, Social Studies and C.R.E.
Of these this subjects my  I really like science best.
 I like science because if I do the exams I normally score high marks and it makes me feel happy as a king. 
When I grow up I want to be an engineer and that is why I like it.
When I do the science exam the lowest mark that I get is 70 and if I score the highest mark is 86 and above.  

Our secondary school, their bright future.

Dennis is an extremely bright boy. Without our Happy House he would not be in school and would not have had any chance of going on from primary school to secondary school.
He now has both a home and schooling at the Happy House and studies very hard, determined to get the best marks he can when he sits the Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education in November.
In the future he hopes to become a flying doctor because he wants to save lives.
We can help him to achieve his dream, by giving him the best education possible - but only with your help. 
We must raise the £15,000 needed to finish our secondary school by January, when Dennis will become one of it's first students.
Plus we need a further £10000 to resource and, for the initial year, to pay teachers' salaries.
Please help us turn dreams into reality by donating at