Monday, 28 September 2015

Home side takes a tumble!

Everyone who knows Papa Dave will know that his love for football comes second only to his love for Mama.
And a Yorkshire man through and through, his top team is Leeds United. In fact, in Watamu he is known as "Mr Leeds United".
At Happy House he has placed a sign on a palm tree, reserving the parking space for" Leeds fan only!"
Watching a football game isn't much fun when you are on your own so as the Leeds v Middlesborough game yesterday was being televised, Papa invited six of our Happy House boys, some of the most ardent football fans, home to watch the match.
Evans, Sifa, Baraka, Derrick, Dennis and Hassan enjoyed a swim before the match, followed by crisps and soda.
They settled down to watch the match, breaking at half time for a lunch of chilli and rice served up by Mama and Papa.
Sadly for Papa, Leeds lost 3-1 and he did get a bit of a ribbing!
Mama said: "Papa has taught the boys not to be too serious about a game and to respect the views and teams of others. 
"They did have a good laugh with Papa.
"As I am writing this the home team is in the kitchen washing up!"

£20 will buy a desk

We must  build our secondary school to ensure the children living in our care at the Happy House Children's Home and for others in the local community, to ensure that they receive the very best education right through to school leaving,
We must have it finished, furnished, resourced and staffed by January, 2016, ready for its first students. 
Every penny donated will help to make this happen. 
£20 will buy materials for our joiner, Charo,  to make a desk, £15 will buy the materials for a chair
If you would like to make a difference to children's lives for many years to come, please donate at: