Thursday, 17 September 2015

Welcome, benvenuto...

Now international government advisories against travel to Watamu have been lifted, visitors are, very slowly, trickling back to this beautiful resort.
While some hotels remain closed others have found ways of remaining open and  of making guests very welcome .
We love having visitors to Happy House. We can show them how both at home and in school we are changing children's lives.
We want them to see for themselves just how a children's home can be a real home for children, run on love.
And so it was our pleasure to welcome a group of Italian guests, staying at at local hotel, when they came to call with our friend Susanna Gregorio.  
Susanna showed them around school before bringing them to Happy  House where they had a great time joining in with Kidz Club, bringing some of their own songs to our kids.
They were delighted to meet Mama Sue, Pap Dave, Auntie Libby and our kids.
Our thanks to Enea Franco, Carla Bacci. Sara Giachino, Emanele Lupo, Lorzena Bellante, Beneante Ignazio and Maria Chiara Francone for coming to see us.
We hope you will carry memories from our Happy House in your hearts.