Sunday, 13 September 2015

Visits and a visitor by our kids

Mama and Zawadi
Today we have a bumper bundle of blogs written by our kids. 
During the holidays, those who have relatives who were able to take them for a short break went on home visits which some have chosen to write about. 
Musyoka has chosen the arrival of Auntie Libby as his topic.

It was on Friday afternoon when my grandmother came to take Jane and l .Before going for home visit we went to tell our Happy House family goodbye.
After that we went for the home visit .when we had reached home everyone welcomed us with joy and love.
On the next day in the afternoon we went to fetch firewood and also fetch some water for the whole family.
 And also in the morning we always go to fetch water from the borehole. And also we always go for grazing in the morning and in the afternoon also when we have finished eating my lunch.. After grazing the goat we always go to wash utensils.

It was on Saturday morning. When I had prepared myself that
my aunt had come to pick me. When she came she went to the office and signed.
After there we went  at home together. When we reached at home I went to play with my friends.
I stayed for some days. 
When I was coming back to Happy House I was as happy as a king.
The Happy House children came and greeted me I was excited to see my brothers and sisters here at home. I enjoyed my holiday very much at my home visit. My home visit was so nice and I helped my aunt very much, like in the kitchen, washing clothes and cleaning.
Baraka Mkutano:
It was Saturday morning while I was in the kitchen baking.
I heard that Baraka you are being called , I went and
changed because I know that I am going to meet my grandmother and my other relatives at our grandmother’s house.
When I reached at my grandmothers house they welcomed me
I felt a I am at home. At night my grandmother called me and she
started telling me a story that that made me to sleep
.At morning  woke up I went and take a wash and I brushed my teeth I went and took my breakfast.
After that I took our goats for grazing behind our house after that I went and fetch water for taking a bath at night
Said, Grandmum and Rukia
I went for my home visit on a Friday, my aunt came for Said and/ I.
After that  we said goodbye to everybody who were there. When we got out of the gate my aunt told us that  she really missed us so much but now she is happy to see us again. We started our  journey to Malindi  it only took 35min . When arrived I saw my grandmother, my cousins ,friends and many more people. 
My grandmother asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink we said yes please I said can I have a drink.    I helped cooking, washing also even going out for shopping.

Rose Chai:
It was on Saturday when I was going home.
Everybody was excited because l was back home.
A few days I started helping my mother in cooking, washing clothes.
That day I was so happy to see my family members
Even others came from their homes just to come and see me
My relatives came also on the next day.
It was on Saturday morning when we were doing our Saturday’s activities
My father came for Hajiri, Maureen and I.
 We went and wore our safari clothes. As we were finished dressing we took our bags and went to the office as we were waiting for our father to sign.
Uncle Ronald told us to stand so that we can be taken photo together. After Uncle Ronald had finish we greeted everyone in the Happy House. 
We started our journey arrive at four o'clock. When arrived I saw my aunt, cousins and other people.
I was very happy when I heard people saying that my mother has come I felt very happy because it was my first home visit since I came to be a Happy House kid.
I went and say bye to every body.
I arrived at our home at 4pm I greet my friends my relatives and other people.
I really help in different ways at home like cooking washing utensils and other works.
I also knew games like football and volleyball.
And that is how I spend my home visit and wishing to go again for home visit.
It was on Sunday morning while everyone had settled in their respective groups, Musyoka, Mwende and I were called by Mama Sue.
She  told us that we will be going for a home visit.
Some hours passed and then we saw our grandpa coming.
We welcomed him and we told goodbye to everybody.
We started with our journey to Nairobi Itivanzou.
At home we gave milk to the calf.
We did a lot of things during home visit.
ps: I love you mama and papa

 A blog about the coming of our lovely friend Aunty Libby by Musyoka

It was on Friday when everyone was returning to the Happy House family from home visits that we found that everyone who stayed at home had gone to the airport to pick our friend Aunty Libby .
We said to the aunty who was on duty that we had come back home safely we ran and changed our clothes .
And we were told by the aunty that we should get ready to welcome our friend back to the family again and we and we did as the aunty had told us to so when they had arrived we started singing welcome song to her so that we may make her feel welcomed
Then on Saturday we gave her a very big surprise with a party.

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