Sunday, 27 September 2015

Clean sweep of the beach by Evans

The Happy House is very much a part of the community and that includes taking part in local events including International Coastal Clean Up Days which take place several times a year.
Keeping the beautiful beaches clean is vital for the ecology of the area and our young people are happy to be a part of it as Evans writes in today's blog:
" I am happy to write this blog about a trip to the beach.
 We were lucky to be welcomed for a beach cleaning at Turtle Bay beach. 
Everybody was looking forward to go the cleaning but unfortunately only 9 people could be chosen to go. 
We were eagerly waiting for the time to move fast so that we could set off and finally it came.
We were told by our sports teacher to dress in the Happy House sports T-shirt and as fast as deer we did that. 
The neck-breaking speed took us less than five minutes and we were ready for trip. Everybody was sparkling.
By 9am, we set off for the journey, everyone happy as a king
It took 15 minutes  and we had reached at the beach. No sooner did we arrive than we were grouped and we started working.
Sifa, Hassan and Evans with sodas
We put the rubbish into sacks and when a sack was full, you were allowed to rest.
We filled around nine sacks. The organisers were very happy for the brilliant job.
After the cleaning, they took us to the Turtle Bay Hotel for a soda. Joy melted our hearts like butter exposed to heat.
When we came back home everybody was exhausted."

Please can you help?

It is for young people like Evans and all our Happy House kids that we need to build our secondary school to ensure that they receive the very best education right through to school leaving,
We must have it finished, furnished, resourced and staffed by January, 2016, ready for its first students. 
Every penny donated will help to make this happen. If you would like to make a donation at