Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Mama's love

Every day, in every way, Mama Sue’s focus is on her children.
Being a mum to one child is an all-consuming role, so imagine that multiplied by 100!
It’s as difficult as it is rewarding, as heart breaking, at times, as it is joyous at others.
It is never easy.
Mama Sue truly loves each one of our Happy House kids.  Her love is unconditional.
But there are times when it is tested.
Inevitably, there are children whose can be a worry, but she and our social worker, Uncle Billy, and his assistant, Uncle Ronald, work together brilliantly to tackle issues of bad behaviour head on.
Together, they skilfully try to steer each child through their problems and on to a path where they will behave better and feel better about themselves.
Everything is done with consistency, discipline is meted out firmly, kindly and with real direction and for the good of each individual child. 
General behaviour issues are raised and discussed at Kidz Club so everyone is involved and our young people and children are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, their possessions and their home, the older ones leading the younger ones by example. 
Good behaviour is encouraged and rewarded.

One thing is certain as you watch Mama with her children, be it laughing and joking with the teenagers or with a poorly Chesco on her lap  while she leads a meeting (pictured) there is no one who will ever love them more.

Their bright future is in our hands

Please can you help us to build a bright future for our Happy House kids, now and over many generations to come?
We must raise the £15.000 we need to finish building our secondary school ready for opening in January 2016 when our first Class 8 Primary will be ready to move on.
The half built school holds their hopes and dreams.  It is their future.
We must also raise an additional £10,000 to staff and resource it for the first year to give us a chance to get it established. 
Please make a donation or hold a fundraising event if you can. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about how we are changing lives.
If you donate you know that every penny will go directly into the school build.  You can donate online at or by sending a cheque, made payable to Happy House,  to Elizabeth Gomm, Children of Watamu,  6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS