Wednesday, 22 February 2017

School Report: Finger art and plea for computer cash

 It has been a good week in school and the learning process is progressing well with all our children, writes Md Louisa.
 Every student and pupil is busy revising for the mid-term exams.
The playgroup has been busy doing finger printing with their teacher, Md. Sarah.
This helps them in coordinating eye and hand as well as firming the fingers.
K2 have been doing creative lessons, printing of different patterns, including star, apple, fish and crab shapes,with Md. Louisa. 
The lessons have been a big hit with the kids as they are able to print different shapes on their own.


In a world where computer technolgy dominates our lives, it is viatal that our HappyHouse kids have the skills to use it.
We need to buy five new computers and  to buy three CPUs to refurbish existing ones to ensure our school's dedicated computer room has enough machines for each child when lessons take place there.
At the moment they are having to share, which causes delays.
The total cost of buying what we need is £3,500.