Monday, 27 February 2017

Welcome home Uncle Ronnie

Welcome home Uncle Ronnie.
We are delighted to bring you the news that Uncle Ronnie will be returning to our family as social worker,
It exactly a year since he went back to college after 12 months placement at Happy House working alongside Mama and Uncle Billy.
Now, following Uncle Billy's resignation for personal reasons, Uncle Ronnie will be working on a part-time basis until the end of this semester in April when he will then become full-time.
He will continue his studies at evening classes to complete his degree.
The children are thrilled to see him. When they returned from activities at school on Saturday morning, Mama told them Uncle Ronnie was in the office.
"There was much laughing and squealing everyone pushing each other to be the first to see  him.
"He is so happy to be back.  I do things during the week and then we talk it through on a Saturday. He is so good with the kids,'' said Mama.
It really is like coming home for Ronnie, who knows and understands many of our children so well, and he is looking forward to getting to know those who have joined us since he left.
We know that you, too, will be delighted he is back home. It will be he who will be going through your emails, letters etc with your sponsor children, explaining anything they don't understand,  and will be keeping you up to date with their news.