Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Education chiefs praise Happy House

With Happy House taking top place in the schools' zone, education chiefs made it their number one destination.
They have paid an official visit to Happy House School in recognition of high rankings at zone and sub-county level.
Teacher, Md Elizabeth writes:
During the afternoon of the ceremony, the entire Happy House family was gladdened to have visitors from the zonal educational office, whose main aim was to congratulate us for being the top performers in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) 2016 at the zonal level.
Those in attendance included Madam Priscilla Tsanzi, who is the Curriculum Support Officer in Watamu, Mr Albert Charo, the KEPSHA (Headteachers' Association)  chairman, Mr.Kanundu the KEPSHA secretary and the KEPSHA treasurer, Mr David Jali. 
It was a privilege to have our Mama Sue, Papa Dave, Auntie Rose and Auntie Velma join us for the occasion.
Based on their knowledge and experience, and being cognizant of our hardwork, speaker after speakers mentioned their expectations of better things to come in the academics of the school and of other schools locally who are anxious to compete with us.
Mama Sue said it was very special to hear that our own high achievements were rippling out into other local schools to the benefit of children in the community. This, she said, was the effect of our "Happy House magic".
Our guests were entertained by our children and delighted with their displays of Scottish dancing, Indian dancing and some daring and thrilling, acrobatics.
The event culminated in a ummative meeting between the teachers and the officials in the presence of the , Mama Sue.

Please help buy new computers

Please can you spare a few £s, Euros or dollars to help our Happy House kids key into the future.
We must raise £3,500 to replace three CPUs and to buy five complete sets of upright computers for our school computer room.
Learning computer skills, and being abble to tap into the resources offered by the internet, is hugely important to every child growing up in the 21st century - wherever in the world they may be.
Our target is to have a computer for each child attending a lesson in our computer room so they no longer have to share.
Please make a donation TODAY by going to