Monday, 20 February 2017

Sporting success

 Our Kindergarten athletes went through to the second heat of the inter-school sports contest when they entered events at Gede Primary School.
Going on to represent Watamu Ward in the area sports on March 2 are:
Potato race - Priscilla Ponda and  Gift Kaingu
Sorting and grouping - Edward Otieno
Tin balancing - Priscilla  and Gift
Football (girls)- Amina Karisa, Mitchell Odhiambo, Priscilla Ponda
Football Boys - Tumaini Kaingu, Khalid Mohamed,  Moffin Oduor, Stephano Karisa, Lucky Safari, Gabriel Mgomba.
Well done, kids and good luck in the next round!
 Top picture (left)  Boys footall, Gift, Stephano, Khalid  Moffin and Tumaini, Right: Priscilla Ponda.
Bottom picture: Left: Gift; centre: Lucky Right:Priscilla, Amina and Mitchell


In a world where computer technolgy dominates our lives, it is viatal that our Happy
House kids have the skills to use it.
We need to buy five new computers and  to buy three CPUs to refurbish existing ones to ensure our school's dedicated computer room has enough machines for each child when lessons take place there.
At the moment they are having to share, which causes delays.
The total cost of buying what we need is £3,500.