Saturday, 11 February 2017

You can feel the love

The love at our Happy House touches everyone who visits.
Laura Webster and her husband, Scott, have visited many times and are hugely helpful to our family.
Now, just back home in Royal Wootton Bassett after two weeks in Watamu where they spent time at Happy House where they were thrilled to be reunited with their sponsor child Rose and with good friends Mama and Papa, Laura has been reflecting on her trip.
She writes:
Once again Scott and I have been lucky enough to return to the Happy House
At this wonderful home the love is palpable, the children are thriving 
our sponsor child Rose is a joy to behold.
She lives in a home where the whole child is nurtured and nourished with good food, the best education in the whole county, decent clothes and shoes, a sense of worth and belonging.
These, plus the skills of good manners and courtesy towards others, will I'm sure be instrumental in these children becoming successful adults in whatever path they choose 
I am so proud to be a sponsor playing a small part in giving a child a happy upbringing and bright future. 
This all happens in an country where often the simplest task, that we take for granted in the UK,  is a huge struggle 
With immense courage and determination, Sue and Dave have created a truly Happy House.

Our appeal to YOU

Please can you spare a few £s, Euros or dollars to help our Happy House kids key into the future.
We must raise £3,500 to replace three CPUs and to buy five complete sets of upright computers for our school computer room.
Learning computer skills, and being abble to tap into the resources offered by the internet, is hugely important to every child growing up in the 21st century - wherever in the world they may be.
Our target is to have a computer for each child attending a lesson in our computer room so they no longer have to share.
Thank you.