Friday, 10 February 2017

Hurray for Happy House

 Our school is one of the top in the sub-county, with Happy House taking sixth place in the recent KCPE examinations.
Our results were so good, with students achieving a well-above average mean score our placing is a cause for celebration.
The publication of the sub-county league table on Saturday brought great excitement.
With the kids and teachers in school,  activities came to a halt to allow time to party,
There was singing and dancing before kids piled into our vehicles to go on a victory parade around the village, with Mama and Papa leading the cavalcade

Timboni and Watamu people waved as our happy band, some riding, some walking, shared their joy and success with the local community.
Well done Happy House kids and teachers you do Mama, Papa and all of us proud.

It is for these kids, many from backgrounds of extreme poverty and hardship, that we desperately need to ensure that we have enough computers in good working order in our computer room for each child taking a class there. 
We must raise £3,500 to buy five new computers and  to replace three new CPUs in existing stock to ensure that kids in computer classes no longer have to share.
Please help our kids be ready to embrace a high tech awaiting them by donating to our Let's Do I.T. Appeal online at