Sunday, 5 February 2017

High school happiness, by Evans

I am very happy to now be I among the Happy House high school students, writes Evans.
Last year, before we sat for our final primary examination, Mama and Papa promised us that if we passed our exams, we would go for a trip.
Everybody in the class worked hard and harder so that we could go for the trip. 
Because of our determination and hard work surely we all passed our exams.
The joy for Mama, Papa and all the teachers, had no bound.
Mama was so pleased with our results and  she started planning for the trip immediately..
Everything was well organised so that our trip could be successful. 
The day of the trip came and all those who were going to Tsavo East National Park we were really excited.
We started our first day travelling to Tsavo by road, we reached the gate at 10.30am after a long journey
After a short break, we started our first game drive.
I really enjoyed the drive in the park, we saw different animals that we did not believe we would ever see in our life time, but we were privileged to see them.
All kind of animals were there –lions, elephants, buffalo, tortoises, zebras and other more animals. After the game drive which was so enjoyable that I wished we could stay thei whole day, we went to a lodge where there was more to enjoy
Different types of food were presented to us which was amazing
Early the next morning we set off from the park coming back to Happy House I was very happy but also sad.
I wished we could have stayed there.
I thank Mama, Papa and all sponsors who support us. May God bless you.