Friday, 24 February 2017

Birthday boy Elijah

 All the visitors we have been getting lately have been thrilled with the way our children like to sing their special welcome  song.
Mark and Thalia Ventura who are holidaying at Turtle Bay joined the family at Kids Club and it was their turn to be welcomed in song.
Marc and Thalia, who live in Brighton, have known Sue and Dave since 2007 and over the years have done much to support her Happy House in the years since.
Regular visitors to Turtle Bay, it is lovely for Mama, Papa and the children to see them again.
This week, Elijah is celebrating his birthday and Thalia was happy to take on the task of presenting him with his birthday gift bag.
Happy birthday Elijah. 


We  are appealing for your help to buy five new computers and to buy three CPUs to refurbish existing stock.
This will ensure our school's dedicated computer room has enough machines for each child when lessons take place there.
At the moment they are having to share, which causes delays and slows their learning.
It will cost £3,500 to buy what we need and we need YOU to help us do it, please.
Every donation, how ever small, will help get us towards our target,