Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hello to old friends, and Uncle Billy leaves

More old friends are back to visit.
From Italy, Marina Temperato, who is in David's sponsor family,  is overjoyed to return to see the Happy House family and catch up on David's progress.
And Dawn Heather White, Auntie Dawn to all our kids, has arrived from Ireland for her latest visit.
Auntie Dawn Heather brought with her lots of crocs, deodorants and other essentials for our family.
Welcome back Marina and Auntie Dawn.
Auntie Dawn Heather was welcomed when she joined Kids Club this week.
The whole family has very special memories of the time she showed them how to do Irish dancing, and also of when she taught girls aboutthe art of belly dancing.

Uncle Billy leaves

After more than six years as our social worker, Uncle Billy has left for personal reasons.
We know you will join us in thanking him for all he has done for our family and in wishing him well in the future.
You can keep in touch with your sponsor child just as you always have but, from today, please use this new email address: