Saturday, 18 February 2017

New arrival is all smiles

 This happy, smiley, baby is the newest member of our Happy House family.
And as he enjoys all the love in the world, he's blissfully unaware of the tragedy that has brought him to us.
Emmanuel was found, naked, and abandoned by the village post office in Watamu.
Amina (pictured), who found him, already knew of him and his mother.
She had been giving food to the mum, an itinerant with mental health problems.
So when she found the little boy,  who she knew to be named Emmanuel, she contacted the Child Protection Office and advised brought him to Happy House,.
We now have formal custody of Emmanuel, who is estimated to be three to four months old.
 He has had medical checks and is a healthy and very happy baby!
We do need sponsors for a number of Happy House children, including Emmanuel. To  sponsor Emmanuel or to find out more about sponsoring a child, please email:

Update on another Emmanuel

Another little Emmanuel, the newborn rescued from a pit latrine on Christmas day, is improving in health.
Mama is in touch with the rescue centre, our partners in the case, and is pleased to hear he is now out of hospital but remaining in their care where he is near to the hospital which will provide continuing care to the poorly boy.
Mama Sue says it is in his interests to remain with the centre where he is getting exemplary care and can be at the hospital quickly should an emergency arise.
A home is always waiting for him at Happy House should it be needed. 
We are grateful to the rescue centre for the love and care they are providing for him.