Saturday, 25 February 2017

An essential today

Our Lets Do IT school computer appeal has risen to £615.
Thanks to everyone who has given to the appeal which has to raise £3,500 to repair and add computers to our school computer room.
We need enough machines for every pupil taking a class, so they no longer have to share.
Learning IT will give these kids a headstart in the jobs market when they enter the workplace at the end of secondary school.
Every class from kindergarten upwards are learning computer skills in our school.
Please can you spare a few pounds, euro or dollars to help?

Every donation, no matter how small, will make a huge difference to the young people of today who will, in turn, make a difference to their world tomorrow.
Young people like, Gabriel, a second year secondary student on a free place scholarship.
Before he became one of our first scholarship students, he was working on a building site trying to help buy food for his family.  He was desperate to be in school, but denied a place in a Government because he had no money to pay.
Without Happy House intervention he would have remained on the scrapheap of life  
Now he has opportunity,hope and a bright future,
Gabriel writes:
I am so happy to be in Happy House. Here we have  so many things that  make my study to be smooth. 
We all know that in this world of today computers are essential. I am fortunate to write this using a computer.
For a person to get a job he or she must have learnt computer.
So please can you help us. 
We need more computers because we do not have enough and have to share in computer lessons.
We ask you to help us if you can so that we can do better in our studies.
We will, at the time when we will go out to work, know how to use computers and we will help our economy and raise up our country.
Thank you for always assisting us. God bless you.