Thursday, 9 February 2017

Birthdays and biscuits

 There were two birthdays to celebrate at Kidz Club this week
Auntie Laura Webster presented a bag of gifts to Nickson Makotsi while Papa presented John Muchiri with his birthday gifts,
The family sang happy birthday to the boys and wished them well for their special day,
Afterwards there were singing competitions and a special treat of some biscuits, and when you can't open the packet who do you turn to? Mama of course!

Let's Do I.T. Appeal

Learning computer skills is vital to the future of children in our Happy House School and we need to ensure that we have enough in good working order in our computer room for each child taking a class there. At the moment they are having to share which does delay learning time.
Please help our kids be ready to embrace a high tech awaiting them by donating to our Let's Do I.T. Appeal online at