Sunday, 12 February 2017

A cat called Don, by Anderson

Scholarship student Anderson Masha has a very special four legged friend, as he tells us in today's blog.
My pet is a cat,his name is Don..He is a very good cat  .
He brown in colour.
My pet has very good eyes, when I go to school  in the morning Don is very sad.
My pet is the greatest pet in my life.
My cat does not eat other pets.
My pet has very good kennel that I built for him, he was my gift when I became   number one in my class
One day my father says that he will take me and Don to beach.                 

MY father choose for me a very good pet.When Don is afraid to sleep in his own he comes to sleep with me and sleeps well.
My bad has very good manners.

Please help buy new computers

Please can you spare a few £s, Euros or dollars to help our Happy House kids key into the future.
We must raise £3,500 to replace three CPUs and to buy five complete sets of upright computers for our school computer room.
Learning computer skills, and being abble to tap into the resources offered by the internet, is hugely important to every child growing up in the 21st century - wherever in the world they may be.
Our target is to have a computer for each child attending a lesson in our computer room so they no longer have to share.
Please make a donation TODAY by going to