Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Celebration for teachers

Our teachers had a special treat when Mama and Papa invited them to their home for a party. The event was celebrate their efforts which resulted in our students gaining outstanding results in the 2016 KCPE exams.
Mr Laurent reports: "It was a day to be merry for members of the teaching staff in Happy House. This celebration of our school being recognised by the heads of education in the county as a pacesetter in academics 
Besides the presence of our cheerful Mama and Papa Dave and their friends Mark and Thalia, were Aunties Rose and Velma,  and teaching staff ranging from those in the kindergarten, through the primary school, to high school,
The party mood came to life through great music and dancing for all.
Papa Dave organised party games  It was Papa’s quick-fired questions  in the "Yes or No " game, that brought out the mental genius in him.
After the games came time to eat and Mama’s cooking was great in the real sense of the word. That is why first servings were follwed by second and, for many, a third
The party then moved to the swimming pool. 
And it was from here that this special gift from our caring Mama and the eventful day came to an end. 
As everyone dispersed our inner eyes focused on another day, another party, but what remained clear was another excellent result."