Sunday, 19 February 2017

My holiday, by Fatuma

Happy House kid Fatuma is looking back to her last school holiday and telling us a little of what she did.
"A holiday is a time that people rest
It was a December holiday, people had their enjoyment in different places.
Some  travelled to different towns.
My holiday was at home. It was brilliant , fantastic, wonderful and marvelous. My family and I went to the beach and swam for some minutes. 
We ate our snacks there and went back home.
When we arrived there our neighbours were cheering while others were in the kitchen cooking different foods.
We were happy to see them. 
Many people were invited to our December holiday.
 Afterwards people went back to their places." 


In a world where computer technolgy dominates our lives, it is viatal that our Happy
House kids have the skills to use it.
We need to buy five new computers and  to buy three CPUs to refurbish existing ones to ensure our school's dedicated computer room has enough machines for each child when lessons take place there.
At the moment they are having to share, which causes delays.
The total cost of buying what we need is £3,500.