Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Urgent plea to help our Mama and Papa

Challenge Find Mama and Papa a Home is on countdown ... as they are preparing to return to the UK in the next week or so for urgent medical treatment to Mama's fractured leg.
After seeing the x-rays of Mama's fracture following surgery in Mombasa, orthopaedic consultant Steve Mannion, who carried out her hip revision surgery in Blackpool last year, has advised her to come back here, where there are better resources,  for more treatment to stabilise the repair and reduce the risk of infection.
It's a devastating blow for Mama and Papa, as it could mean several months away from their beloved Happy House family, but they are remaining stoic and bolstered by the knowledge that they have so many friends in the UK who will rally to support them through this latest ordeal.
It is particularly painful to leave now,  at a time when the community of Watamu is suffering from the huge fall in tourist numbers and when the work of the Happy House will be even more crucial.
Fortunately, Mama has a very capable management team in place to ensure everything will run smoothly.
Mama and Papa's priority has to be to ensure her leg gets the best attention possible so that she will be able to get back to leading her normal, busy, life without the fear of the pins and plate failing.
They needed to fly back as soon as possible, and I am looking for a nice, clean and airy apartment in Poulton or the Newton Drive (Blackpool) area that is on the ground floor or lift accessible as Mama is having to use a wheelchair.
The likelihood is that only unfurnished properties will be an option. in which case I'm hoping there will be enough people on the Fylde coast, businesses or individuals, who will help by donating furniture and household equipment to make a lovely, comfortable, home for Mama and Papa who devote their lives to giving a special home to desperately needy children.
They have nothing here, so everything from kitchen utensils, cutlery and crockery to bedlinen and towels will be needed.
Even a wheelchair will be required as the one she is using is on loan from Turtle Bay hotel and has to be returned. 
If anyone could help with good quality items as gifts or on loan, or who knows a property which might be suitable, please email me  elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net or call me on 07905 130 589.
We would like to make their temporary home special because being here, away from the family they love, is heartbreaking in itself and Mama and Papa need a space of their own where, together , they can relax and feel at home while Mama recuperates.
Mama and Papa need YOU and we know that we can count on your support, and your love, to see them through.