Monday, 28 July 2014

Kakoneni Girls' come to visit

 We were very happy to welcome visitors from Kakoneni Girls' School.
The school brought 50 CRE (Christian religious education) students in forms one and two for an afternoon on short notice, but we were glad to host them for an hour and a half.
They had a tour round with our children as their guides, Mercy is pictured (centre) showing around her two new friends.
Later on we all assembled for presentations.
Our little girls set the ball rolling with their poem about the importance of education.
Poems ,songs,story telling were exchanged and finally the kids enjoyed  a joint dancing moment.
The  Kikoneni students brought us a welcome gift of rice ,washing powder,cooking oil, bathing soap and a bale of maize meal. #This was a noble gesture and was= much appreciated by the entire Happy House family.
Janet and Evans gave their vote of thanks to a loud applause from everyone.
We hope you will remember us always and come back to see us again sometime, Kikoneni.
From Uncle Billy and the Happy House family.