Wednesday, 16 July 2014

School report: Quiz, games and caterpillars!

This week's school report comes from Madam Naomi who writes:
 We have come to week ten of the term and everything is going on well as far as academic activities are concerned. 
We are involving our pupils in serious revision to prepare them for the end of term exam which is just around the corner.
We invited two of our neighbouring schools, Allegra and Silverstone, to come to Happy House for primary science quizzes from classes one to seven.
We were privileged to have Mama Sue join us and  to give a speech of congratulation to all the schools for their positive response to our invitation and also for participating. 
We felt proud of our pupils for taking part fully and enthusiastically and for managing to answer  difficult questions without any struggle.
In nursery our section, our KG1 pupils have been enjoying creative activities and have been making a caterpillar using recycled egg trays and paints with teacher, Madam Tanui and volunteer Aunty Coral.
This was inspired by the story the Very Hungry Caterpillar which they had read and enjoyed.
In sport, our pupils are doing very well as all the practice they have shows results. 
We had a volleyball match between teachers and pupils and this interaction  creates a really friendly school environment .
Pupils are also practicing playing the game of rugby with the help of teachers and their coach  Mr Steve and they are finding this game, which is new to them,  very enjoyable.