Saturday, 5 July 2014

Italian style challenge

The very lovely Susanna Gregorio who is such a wonderful friend to our family set herself a challenge  - to raise 50,000 Kenyan shillings for our Happy House family in just five days!
Susanna and her husband Livio Leardi, who live in Milan,  are guardians to Levian, who they discovered  living in an orphanage, and who,after seeing the high standards and devotion of the Happy House asked Mama if he could join our family and school with them covering all his costs.
Susanna, planning a return trip to Kenya to see Levian and knowing how very difficult things are there at the moment, asked Mama how much it would cost to foot the weekly shopping bill for our family.
Finding out it was 50,000 (about £330) Susanna set that as her target and a very elegant and fashion conscious lady, she decided to clear her wardrobe of all the items she had bought and never worn, or which had only been worn once or twice.
"I'm certain that many women will agree with me in saying tha we have, in our closets, so many clothes. that we do not wear  any more  and yet we are reluctant to get rid of . We keep them there for months or years without wearing them even once .
I was one of these women but in the end I got courage and thought I could do a little market selling my clothes  including  new clothes, never used,  with tags still attached.
With everything priced  up to € 10, Susanna set up stall in one of the GetFit chain of fitness centres owned by her husband.
 This will be an opportunity not only for you but for Happy African Family.
 Her beautiful clothes flew off the rails and in just a few days she hit her 50,00ksh target to cover a whole week's grocery shopping.
Thank you Susanna for being so kind and big thanks to everyone who supported your sale.