Monday, 21 July 2014

Bags on sale and money bags from Milan!

Looking to take a Happy House bag on your travels for our Facebook contest Happy House Bags on Tour! they are now on sale in Lytham  thanks to Julie Essex at Aladdin'z Cave, 32 Clifton Street and also at Grace & Favour, Marsh Mill Village, Thornton, courtesy of the
lovely Caroline and her team.
If you live further afield you can get your bag online at

And back at the Happy House, catching Mama before she left for the UK, Susan Gregorio found a great use for her bag, when she filled it with 50,0000 Ksh raised at Getfit,Via Vico, Milan, to deliver to Mama Sue.
Susanna said:  " We are happy to have collected some money to buy the household shopping in Happy House for two months.
" With so few visitors it is not easy at the moment.
But we feel positive ... and we can do it !"
Top left: Julia Essex at Aladdin'z Cave, Lytham, and her display, below left: Mama and Susanna, and, right, Emily Smith at Grace & Favour, Marsh Mill Village, Thornton.