Wednesday, 30 July 2014

School report: Such a friendly place to be

School manager, Madam Rose, brings us this week's report from our school.
We were very happy to have another school visiting us for an exchange programme.
This time round it was for the nursery and lower primary section.
We organised  different activities such as bowling game, hula hoop,  chair race and sack race.
Our competitors were our visitors from Amani Academy.
As they were unfamiliar with some of the activities we made a demonstration for the activities before the beginning of the competition. 
Kudos to our Happy House kids for their kindness and hospitality to the visitors.
Our children gained very good results. Ushindi won in hula hoop, Walter van de Peer won in bowling, Fortune Kendi won in relay and Hajir Kithole won in sack race.
Since we are coming towards the end of the term, the nursery kids have started the end of term two exams and we believe they will perform well as  their teachers have prepared them well.
The kids know that they will be meeting their Mama for a chat about the targets they set.
On the other hand l am very proud of the Nursery section with how things are running.
We get volunteers who bring in new ideas that when put in practice they bring a great difference in our kids.
 Children have a privilege to play in different learning corners i.e. construction blocks, modelling table and filling and emptying sand in containers.
Our class assistant Aunty Neema keeps the beds very clean and neat for children to take a rest  on in the afternoon after having their lunch. 
She is also potty training them and the result is that they are out of nappies at an early age.
Wow, Happy House is a really friendly learning place  for all children.