Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Look what Mama found!

Just look who  Mama found in her Happy House bag when she was packing for her trip to the UK.
Only, the  youngest member  of our family, Abdul Malik, intent on hitching a ride !
He must of known how much Mama and Papa hate being away from their home and kids, and how much they miss them,  and decided he was going along to keep them company.
Only problem is, he's such a chubby little chap he hardly fits in the bag.
All proceeds from the sales our recycled cotton bags, £5 each, go to supporting our family and these useful bags are great for everything from shopping to trips to the beach.
They are strong (not for carrying babies though!) and washable and make a great little present, spreading awareness of our work at the same time.
Right now we are running a Happy House Bags on Tour! summer fun photo competition on Facebook with a £20 Amazon voucher (donated by a friend) for the person who snaps their bag in the most novel location. Closing date September 1.
You can buy your bag online (£5 plus 75p postage) from http://uk.ebid.net/for-sale/reusable-cotton-shopping-beach-bag-children-of-watamu-happy-house-124656481.htm
Postage outside the UK will cost more, but is possible.
If you live on the Fylde coast, bags are on sale at Aladdin-z, Clifton St, Lytham, and at Grace&Favour, Marsh Mill Village, Thornton.
Chaff tonic for Mama
There was a great boost for Mama and Papa last night when they joined Auntie Libby for an evening at the Best Little Network Chaff  event at Coast cafe, Blackpool, last night.
The vibrant networking group  of business women gave a warm welcome to our introduction to the Happy House family and were clearly inspired by our amazing Mama.
It was lovely to welcome several new sponsors to our family and to make many new friends for our family.
Thank you to Clare Rawling for inviting us and to everyone there for their interest.
We look forward to getting to know you all much better.