Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Packages bring love from Ireland

Earlier this year, we asked you not to send parcels because of the high cost of postage to you, and the import duty we are charged when they arrive.
It seemed more sensible to ask, instead, if you would donate for items needed instead and we would buy them locally unless, of course, it was something we couldn't get.
That was before the current crisis which has seen a huge drop in the number of people holidaying along the coast and which is having a huge impact on our local economy, which is entirely tourism dependent. 
We had been expecting so many visitors this summer, friends,some looking forward to meeting their sponsor children, volunteers and others who have found us  while researching the area.
All were planning to bring with them so many of the items we always need in the way of children's clothes, croc-type shoes, whiteboard markers, sanitary pads and teen bras for our girls, socks and so much more. 
It is difficult to know how we will manage without them and, of course, we are desperately sorry we will not be having their company too. We love having visitors.
Donna McNamara, her husband, Luke, and daughters,  were all set for a holiday at Turtle Bay, with some volunteering time at the Happy House, when an increased threat of terrorism, in some areas of Mombasa, led their tour operator, and others,  to stop flights and cancel holidays.
Donna and family, who are in the sponsor families of Stevie and Victoria, and had been so excited about meeting them and all the Happy House family whom they have grown to love.
Donna, who lives in Galway, had already brought so much to take for our kids, finding out first what was most needed, and very kindly packaged it up and posted it.
Her parcels arrived yesterday, on her birthday, and the contents will help replenish our storeroom which, with 84 children to dress, meets heavy demands and is beginning to look a bit depleted.
Donna sent some lovely things.
Uncle Billy says: "  Inside the parcels we found crocs, tops , leggings for girls as well as boys shorts and t shirts.
"Victoria and Steve will get something each, while we are glad to save the rest for Christmas. 
"We are truly thankful in these very hard financial times in our country and,more specifically, in the coastal strip."
Thank you Donna, we hope you had a perfect birthday and look forward to the time when we will get to meet you.