Wednesday, 23 July 2014

School report: All action week

Head teacher, Madam Joy brings us this week's school report:
Wehave wonderful updates from school this week.
Firstly, we  had an inning (exchange programme) with Sawa Sawa academy.
There were a number of games scheduled - volleyball boys, netball girls, rounders boys and girls and tug of war.
To hit the nail on the head, these activities started on time with the boys playing volleyball and girls netball.
In no time ,everything came to a standstill.  Everybody turned to the netball, eager to shout "waooh"  at every score that Janet, our netball shooter made.
 In a period of eight minutes she had made 10 scores simultaneously with the help of other players.
 On the other hand boys were also shining in volleyball. After the stipulated time, these two games were over with the Happy House pupils emerging the winners with 16  scores in netball and two sets in volleyball while Sawa Sawa got 11 scores and 1 set respectively.
Afterwards, we proceeded to rounders which everybody was eager to watch. We really cheered and enjoyed as the runners made different moves. 
Finally, the game was over and the teams had a tie of four rounds each. 
To crown it all we went to the climax of the day, the  tug of war whereby the teachers participated. The  Sawa Sawa teachers seemed to have stored an extra energy purposely for this activity. 
 They pulled us for the first round but for the finals we unveiled our hidden Happy House magic and pulled them further making us the winners.
A few days later, our lower primary pupils visited Gedi ruins for an educational tour found in Gede, Watamu.
As always, Happy House believes in pupils learning by seeing, doing and putting ideas in writing.
The kids really enjoyed the visit and they visited the museum, butterfly house, and the snake park. 
They filled in  questionnaires which were prepared in advance.
They also enjoyed feeding the monkeys and discovering the lifecycle of the butterflies and many more.