Wednesday, 2 July 2014

School report:Half term festival

Half term over and everyone is happy to be back in school as Madam Russell reports:
During the half term we had the privilege of hosting the Nursery Music Festivals when eight schools joined us in our biggest banda.
The schools presented various items including poems, songs, dances and tongue twisters.
Happy House Nursery School was the only school that had a tongue twister and well done to KG teachers for the creative work done there. 
In all the items performed we took first place. Well done Happy House!

After half term, pupils reported back to school ready to learn with happy and jovial faces.
 Happy House School welcomed the new member of the family baby Patrick Hayward what a wonderful family. Our school and family are one.
Volunteer Aunty Susan  has been working with playgroup pupils leading grouping and sorting activities building  blocks, scooping and pouring and sand play. 
Each term we have am academic clinic in school. Academic clinic is an involves parents, teachers and pupils. The teacher and the parent discuss the academic progress of the pupil and  ways to improve academic performance d, this enhances good relationship between parents, teachers and pupils.
Pictures: Top: Nursery schools' festival and our Happy House kids taking part.  
Above left: Mama Sue and teacher Madam Naomi talk over progress with Salama and baby Patrick comes home to Happy House.
Above right: Playgroup  construction activities!