Friday, 25 July 2014

Skype makes it a small world

Kidz Club this week was a wonderful occasion which started with a Sykpe session with Mama and the aunties.
Mama meets with the aunties every week before Kidz Club, so this was a way of carrying on as normal by harnessing 21st century technology.
They were also so excited to see Mama and Papa and to be able to talk to them.
Later the KG children came in to see Mama  and sang her favourite songs, and then the older kids got in on the act to share their news with their Mama and Papa.
Birthday boy, Abuu  received his gift and greeting  and  Star of the Week was a awarded  to see and Esther for being successfully  potty  trained. .
It was fine gathering which  ended up on a  happy  note, as  always .