Sunday, 6 July 2014

Myself - by Rukia

How are you this is Rukia writing a blog about myself.
When I look at  myself  I feel  happy and strong and healthy.
I like dancing, singing songs and my favourite game is football.
I like  going  to  the  beach  with  my  friends.
I like reading, telling time, and many more.
My favourite day is Friday.
I am in class four and my class teacher is called Mr Alphan.
He is tall as a giraffe.
And my best subject is maths.
When it’s time for exams I normally score the highest in math exams.
And my teachers are very pleased with me so I am very proud of myself.
And  I am  ten years  old .
I  always  become  number  one  in  class and  I feel proud.
I thank Mama Sue for everything she has done for me till now and that  I am  healthy and strong and happy.
I love you all, hugs and kisses.