Friday, 11 July 2014

Sadness as tragedy rocks our family

There are no words to describe the sorrow and shock our family is feeling as we bring you the tragic news of the death of the youngest member of our family, Patrick.
Patrick,  found abandoned in June, appeared to be doing so well after coming home from hospital two weeks ago and we had every reason to be optimistic about his future.
But life hangs by the most fragile of threads, and he died peacefully in his sleep. 
Patrick had been bathed, fed and settled in his cot to sleep between feeds.
On one of her regular checks, which are made throughout the evening and night, a duty auntie found him looking  just as though he was asleep, and perfect, but he had passed away.
For Mama, Papa, his 84 brothers and sisters and all our family, at the Happy House and beyond, this is a very sad time and  all the more tragic as it comes so soon after losing Athman.
We send  love to them all and special thoughts to Uncle Billy. Mama had named Patrick as a tribute to his late brother and  best "Buddy".
Baby Patrick, who was supported by us from the moment he was found  and throughout his time in hospital, and who has been loved by us all,  had been with us such a short time but will be deeply missed.
We have no idea where he came from, the circumstances of his birth, or the health of his mother. That he was found at all, abandoned in woodland,  was a miracle.
We thought we could work our Happy House magic to give him a lovely, happy, childhood. It is all we ever want to do for every child who comes to us.
In Kenya,  it is a stark fact of life that 93 babies die every single day.
To us, baby Patrick will never become statistic.
He will be loved, always, and his memory will be cherished.
God bless, baby boy.