Thursday, 31 July 2014

Donations of goods ease burden of bills

Many, many thanks to Chris O'Hare, Gabriella Gratrix and to friends who sent all these much needed goods out to the Happy House with them.
With tour operators putting holidays on hold, there are very few tourists coming to Watamu and the community faces a real economic crisis putting so many into hardship.
We have to find a way of making up for the wonderful things visitors bring to us in donations, child sponsorships, gifts of clothing and essentials and groceries. 
These are hard times, so the many items brought by Chris, Gabriella, and Chris' son Jacob, are so very appreciated.
Sadly our three volunteers couldn't settle because of worries about terrorism risks and decided to return home early.
Uncle Billy said: " Our happy children are seen with many things brought - clothes and footwear, pens,pencils, rulers,toothpaste and brushes etc.
These are  a major boost reducing our shopping bill and for Christmas as we always  like to plan ahead of time.
We are sorry our new volunteers left prematurely due to their feeling worried for security reasons.
Please rest assured that  all is well and our family is safe and sound."
Chris, Gabriella and Jacob had worked so hard to fundraise for us and were so looking forward to volunteering we hope that they will come back to see us one day.