Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lowden brings music to our ears

The dedicated and gifted people at George Lowden Guitars, who hand build beautiful and unique guitars, are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year -  and are making our Happy House a part of their special landmark.
They forming a partnership with the Happy House and as well as donating 50 per cent of profits from the sale of the anniversary t-shirts to our family, they will also meet all the costs of sponsorship for two of our Danwata Scholarship students.
The company, based in Northern Ireland, was founded by master luthier George Lowden who began building guitars in earnest in 1974 and its workshops have developed over the intervening years to the present team of 13 skilled craftsmen (including two of George's sons, Aaron and Daniel).
Lowden was introduced to the Happy House by world-renowned guitar player Jon Gomm, whose beloved guitar Wilma is a Lowden
 Jon's mum Elizabeth is our voluntary UK coordinator and Jon went out to visit the Happy House when she was there in February working alongside Mama Sue for a month.
Jon gave a guitar workshop to the kids and fired the enthusiasm of a group of youngsters with an introductory lesson.
We are thrilled to welcome Lowden to our family, and look forward to getting to know them all much better.
Thank you for your generosity in wanting to help take our work forward.
Heartfelt thanks
Mama, Papa and the family send their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent messages of  sympathy and love following the loss of five-week-old baby Patrick.
We are deeply touched by your kindness which means so much at this sad time.