Wednesday, 9 July 2014

School report plus Home Hunt progress

We appreciate the help given by volunteers who come to Happy House and Auntie Susan, from the USA, has showed our children  many different activities.
One day she worked with  KG1 and they had fun  making an octopus using papers and ribbons.
Cake for Papa
Lucinda answers correctly
The children really enjoyed the creative work and  Auntie Susan has also been helping the baby class to develop their language  and communication skills with great results.
Janet in the quiz
In the past week we had a birthday party for day pupil Faida Peterson who is in class 5. 
Her family provided a cake, juice etc so that she could enjoy her birthday with her extended family at Happy House and and she was able to give Papa Dave a bite of the cake.
Faida cuts her cake
We also analysed children's results referring to their targets set at the beginning of the term.  Most of the children achieved their targets and the others, who came near,  promised to work even harder.
A quiz with science as its topic  took place between boys and girls in different classes.
Auntie Susan and KG1
All the children participated fully and girls emerged the winners with 72 points , with the boys gaining a total of 66 points.

We were delighted by Lucinda  who answered her question correctly with confidence. 
House hunting goes on 
The search goes on to find Mama and Papa a ground floor or lift accessible flat to rent in Poulton or the Newton Drive area of Blackpool, so they have somewhere to call home when they return to the UK for Mama to undergo urgent treatment on her fractured leg.  The properties Elizabeth viewed yesterday were a let down but she does have more to view today.
Thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word, and to everyone who has offered items of household equipment , furniture and a wheelchair. It is likely that we will need everything bed, wardrobe, dining table and chairs, sofa etc.
If you can help in anyway ,or know someone who can, please email or ring 07905130589.
We are on a very tight schedule as Mama and Papa need to come back to the UK in the next week or so.