Friday, 4 July 2014

Birthday and a star

 Pretty as a picture our Peninah who is celebrating her fourth birthday this week.
Peninah is one of our little band of brothers and sisters who arrived as babies and who are all growing up together.
And together, they get up to all kinds of antics, specially when Papa Dave is around.
He's nicknamed them the Bash Street Kids after the cartoon characters from the Beano comic.
And Peninah looking so cute for her birthday celebration at Kids Club, is usually right in thick of things.
Happy birthday, Peninah.
The second celebration at Kids Club was for our star of the week - Abdul Malik. Abdul Malik, who is one of our youngest children,  was awarded his certificate for reaching an important milestone in his life.
He can now sit up all on his own!
Well done, Abdul Malik we are proud of you.