Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Timely gift

 A successful young Manchester businessman’s life has changed after being inspired by our extraordinary family  and its amazing  Mama and Papa.
Adam Deering, 32, a director of Manchester-based IT and hardware service provider Globenet Solutions Limited, is giving his backing to the Happy House.
Adam, who lives in Manchester, said:  “In meeting and talking with Sue I have found her to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever come across, her selfless devotion to all the kids at the Happy House which she sees as her duty inspires me with faith in the human race and that with love, education and devotion anything can be achieved
“Getting to know Sue, her husband, Dave, and their Happy House family, has helped me remain humble and keeps me grounded it also gives me a level of understanding that life isn't about collecting material possessions for oneself, that if you are in a position to help others then it will give you more personal reward than owning anything material in this world.
“Some of the children’s stories are heartbreaking but knowing that they are now smiling and enjoying life warms and touches my heart.”
Mr Deering has helped the Happy House with cash donations and also by encouraging staff to take part in dress down days and other fundraising activities.
He is also in discussions with various business associates for their involvement in raising money to help take the Happy House family forward.
Mr Deering’s most recent donation came just at the right time as the both the washing machine and the fridge had broken and been deemed beyond repair.
Mama Sue said: “I was able to replace them without having to worry about where the money was coming from. Unexpected breakdowns are always a worry to a small charity like our own.
 “Anyone can imagine just how vital a fridge and a washing machine are to a family of 80 children from babies to teenagers!
“We are looking forward to Adam coming out to see us sometime so that he can meet all the children he has heard so much about.”