Wednesday, 12 March 2014

School report: Points well made

Scholarship student Kennedy (left) and Evans
In the week that we welcome our first scholarship students, school manager Madam Rose reports:
Our Happy House primary pupils took part in a debate hosted by Sawa Sawa Academy.
Held in the style of a parliamentary debate, each side had speakers to make their points
Evans was the speaker controlling the debate on the subject: Day school is better than boarding school.
Sifa was timekeeper and our Happy House speakers, making the case for day schooling, were Margaret Kanze, Grace Iha, Kennedy Owino, who  had only joined ourschool that day  as a scholarship pupil, and Joel Shakue.
Mama Sue, Papa Dave, Uncle Billy, Auntie Libby and volunteers Fabiola and Aleka went along with the primary  pupils and teachers to support our team
Judged on confidence, presentation and language, our Happy House won the day.

Well done to all those taking part