Thursday, 6 March 2014

A n-ice treat

We are always sorry to see friends leave, but we are happy and grateful that they have been to visit and look forward to the time when we will see them again.

Brenda and Red Groves, their granddaughters Lucy and Chloe, and their friend Jess Dancy, flew home to Oxfordshire on Tuesday.
Auntie Brenda and Uncle Red are just the most wonderful friends to our family, and wanted to make their leaving special for the kids by buying ice-cream for everyone.
It’s a real treat and the older ones helped served it to the little ones, with everyone waiting patiently for  their portion without any scrabbling or ‘’Me, me, me’’.
They sang some songs for Brenda and Red, and Chloe, who is in Said’s sponsor family and Brenda and Red, who are in Charity’s family, enjoyed seeing them having fun with their brothers and sisters.
Thank you all for all you do for our family. We know you will always come back … and look forward to seeing you again soon.

On the same afternoon, we made new friends in a visiting group of Italians staying at a local hotel Villiaggi Bravo  who came with Manuela, who works there.
She and Auntie Libby took them around the Happy House, after they were  greeted by Mama Sue, and how delighted they were by all they saw and by our very happy and confident kids.