Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Animal care

Our young donkeys, Mary and Joseph, have a lot to learn and we know just the man to teach them.
  Red Groves, Uncle Red to our kids, spent much of his younger life working with racehorses and has always loved and owned horses.

Uncle Red brought grooming kits for the donkeys, blue for Joseph and pink for Mary, and has been showing both our staff  the correct way to brush and groom them safely.
He also brought halters because they have to get used to wearing them and being led.
He was so patient as he explained how they need their handler to keep them on a short rein, keeping control of their heads, and constantly reinforcing the message to younger kids to keep well away from the rear of the donkeys so they don’t risk being kicked.
Thank you Uncle Red for being such a kind and patient teacher.
Meanwhile, gateman, Uncle Douglas is continuing to train our pups, Big Al and Polly, following the guidance he received from Scott and Laura Webster  are they were here.
They now sit when they are told and are becoming more obedient with every day.